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Prima Alih Daya Internasional is a service provider of specific Business Process Outsourcing in which will be including customer-related services such as Contact Centre services Online Social Media services.
Prima Alih Daya Internasional has a passion and commitment to excellence quality, providing Business Process Outsourcing covered the area of Information Technology Enabled Service and Knowledge Process Outsourcing.
Prima Alih Daya Internasional offers a range of customized Contact Centre solutions in Business Process Outsourcing for all industries to reduce their operation costs with the highest level of service. Including Data Centre, Outbound, Inbound Call Centre as well as Online Social Media.


Contact Centre
Contact Centre

There’s a better way to connect with your customers. Delivering exceptional customer experiences, whether it’s via the phone, email, or the web.

Big Data
Big Data

Make better, more informed decisions about your business and customers. Organisations struggle to harness the potential insights from their data. They need the ability to transform great volumes of structured and unstructured data into a single storehouse of information that is ready to be analysed. Learn about our data analytics, brand analysis, business intelligence and market research services.


Innovative ways to achieve your service goals and objectives. Understanding what customers want, need and value most is the first step in designing better process.


Prima Alih Daya Internasional provides escalation support services setting involves collecting and evaluating initial information and making outbound contact with your nominated staff or contractors. Sending a message when an escalation is underway, keep calling until a responsible person who will take the action required is reached.
Prima Alih Daya Internasional intelligent call handling requires checking a roster,also provide the senior operators handling your calls with the background information needed to follow your procedures and make judgments about how to handle the situation, our operators are briefed so that they can be effective members of your team.


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